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Speed climbing
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Climbing Walls

We erect innovative designs in different sizes and shapes to push climber themselves, both mentally and physically, by taking risks within our safety standards.

Zip-line Set Up

At Hawk Adventure set-up, we Provide Expert Solutions for the construction of scientifically designed, manufactured, building and installation of Zip-Line setup in India.

Commando Obstacles

The Commando Obstacles will challenge you and will challenge you hard.  In this Commando Obstacles training participants will face Rookie Obstacles and Black-Ops Obstacles.  

High-Rope Course

A high rope course is a pre-fabricated, professionally installed course, built of utility poles, cables, or it can be hand-built in a wooded area, where ropes and wire are attached to different trees.

About us

Hawk Adventure is a Technology group focused on providing exciting and enjoyable adventure activities and team building events across all over INDIA since 2012.  Our values of Quality, Safety & Enjoyment ensure that every interaction with us is an exceptional one.